Custom Orthotics

Having healthy and happy feet is important to our posture and our overall health.

Custom foot orthotics support and gently reposition the heel, arch, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones in the feet, enabling these structures to work together efficiently, to make each step you take pain-free.

Custom foot orthotics not only help in painful foot conditions but also maintain the normal positioning of the bones in the foot, the ankle, and the knees, which affect the hips and the lower back. The muscles and ligaments which support these bones in their correct positions are prevented from over stretching and becoming progressively lax.

The functional benefits of a correction with custom foot orthotics mean more propulsion, making walking, running and even cycling more efficient. That means less muscular fatigue and better performance. The structural benefits include better alignment of the bones of the foot and ankle, as well as the knees and hips, which will prevent common feet, knees, hips, and spinal conditions such as neck and back pain resulting from poor feet structure and poor body mechanics.