Total Scoliosis Solution

At Leaside Family Chiropractic and Scoliosis Center (AKA Toronto Scoliosis Center), we offer the Total Scoliosis Solution that utilizes the CLEAR Method, the SCHROTH Method, the SEAS Method, and Dr. Hans-Rudolf Weiss' Scoliologic Best Practice Method (Power Schroth).  We also implement other techniques and our own unique therapies to continuously strive to give our patients the best clinical outcomes.  Not only are we the only such Scoliosis Center in Canada, but also in the world.  That is why we get patients from other parts of the world.

Intensive Scoliosis Treatment Plan

We offer Intensive Care Scoliosis Treatment Plans for out of town and international patients.  We offer a two, three, and four week personalized programs.  We need at least two weeks to fully integrate the CLEAR Method, the SCHROTH Method, the SEAS Method, and Dr. Weiss' scoliologic scoliosis treatments.  Scoliosis is a complex three dimensional condition of the spine, and the patient needs time to develop body awareness.  This plan consists of daily scoliosis treatments.  Following the intensive care treatments, the patient will be provided a comprehensive, customized home rehabilitation plan designed to maintain the gains achieved during the treatment period, promote further gains in the correction of their spinal curvature, and help the patient increase spinal stability during the upcoming periods of growth spurts.

Traditional Expanded Scoliosis Treatment Plan

This type of treatment plan is most appropriate when the patient lives close enough to the scoliosis treatment center for them to travel to and from the center for treatment on a regular basis. The recommended treatment guidelines for this treatment plan is:

3 treatment appointments per week for a period of 6 weeks, followed by…

2 treatment appointments per week for a period of 12 weeks, followed by…

Re-evaluation and further recommendations are appropriate at this time.