Clear Institute Method

CLEAR INSTITUTE Method implements a customized scoliosis treatment plan that is specific to the needs of each individual patient. We have certain key aspects of our protocols that are integral to achieving consistent, measurable success in scoliosis treatment. The integral steps are Precision X-Rays, Mix Phase, Fix Phase, and the Set Phase of the treatment, followed by Follow-up Exams and Home Spinal Rehab Program.

Precise x-rays are necessary to gather information about the biomechanical function of the entire spine. There are seven views of the spine that are taken as well as a scoliosis view. A detailed examination of these x-rays are performed to thoroughly understand the presenting biomechanical function of the entire spine.

The Mix Phase consists of warming up the spine and the soft tissues using devices such as the Active Rehabilitation Chair, Cervical Traction, and the Vibrating Traction. A special motorized table with belts that pull the scoliotic curves out of the spine, called the Eckard Flexion/Distraction table, achieves the goal of re-structuring and remodeling the ligaments after they have been relaxed.

The Fix Phase is where the specific chiropractic adjustment is performed. Our method of adjusting is based off years of clinical research by hundreds of doctors. We have compiled this research and selected the “best of the best” and applied it to the scoliotic spine. The adjustments are designed for each patient from 41 different measurements and 23 different angles determined by the doctor from the initial x-ray exam. Mechanical adjusting instruments and specialized drop pieces enhance the precision and effectiveness of chiropractic care, while simultaneously reducing the amount of force required to correct the spine. These adjustments are correlated with the information obtained from the patient’s x-rays. Follow up x-rays should confirm correction of these areas.

The Set Phase is necessary to “set” the correction obtained by the specific adjustment and ensure the permanency of the changes. It involves spinal weighting, whole-body vibration therapy such as the Vibe and the Scoliosis Traction Chair, and gait therapy which re-trains patterns of motion.

Follow-up Exams are necessary to assess the effectiveness of the treatment plan. After a period of treatments, certain specific x-rays may be necessary. It is very important to keep in mind that not every patient will show a reduction in the severity of the scoliotic curve, as measured by Cobb angle, within this time frame. The Cobb angle is only a measurement of one dimension of the spine, and scoliosis is a three dimensional condition. Before the sideways curve can be reduced, the spine must be de-rotated and decompressed in the other two dimensions. Treating a complex spinal disorder such as scoliosis takes time and patience.

Every scoliosis patient must participate in the Home Spinal Rehab Program that is designed specifically to the patient’s needs. While the traditional methods of scoliosis treatment, bracing and surgery, are considered “passive” therapies, the CLEAR INSTITUTE Method by comparison, is an “active” process. The patients are taught special home rehab exercises that they are required to do every single day.