Irene's constant back pain and migraine headaches disappeared since starting scoliosis care two and a half months ago. There is tremendous improvement in class work & grades. This has proved to be the best health decision we've made! ~ Irene's Grandmother

Scoliosis Care

Scoliosis refers to a lateral curvature of a normally straight spine. Someone with a scoliosis may have a back that curves from side to side like an ā€œSā€ or ā€œCā€. This condition has always been, and continues to be a major challenge to the medical profession. The cause of scoliosis is largely idiopathic (cause unknown). About 4% of the population suffer from scoliosis, and many may not even know they have it. Scoliosis can range from mild to severe, with pronounced postural distortions and vast ranges of health conditions.

Traditional medical approach to scoliosis is watch and wait for mild scoliosis, then bracing if it progresses to moderate stage, and finally surgical intervention if it further progresses to severe stage. Bracing must be combined with a scoliosis specific rehab program to be effective.  Surgery is also not without risks, with possible medical complications and long-term disability.

At Leaside Family Chiropractic and Scoliosis Center, we offer all the leading conservative scoliosis treatments. We implement a 3D approach to scoliosis treatment, using the CLEAR INSTITUTE Method, the SCHROTH Method, the SEAS Method, and the new advanced Scoliologic Method AKA Power SCHROTH developed by Dr. Hans-Rudolf Weiss, MD (grandson of Katharina Schroth). We treat both patients with and without brace.  It is MANDATORY for patients with brace to participate in a scoliosis specific exercise program in order to avoid all side effects of bracing, to increase its function, and to allow the spine to be stable during the weaning period and when the brace is abandoned.  We also implement other techniques and therapies to continuously strive to give our scoliosis patients the best clinical outcomes.  You only have ONE chance to get it right!