I really enjoyed my time at the 'Toronto Scoliosis Center'!  The intensive program is hard and tiring but knowing how to manage my scoliosis is so worth it!  I really appreciate Dr. Kang's guidance.  I looked into scoliosis treatments with other doctors but none beat Dr. Kang's passion for his work and pursuit of research constantly improving his program.

~ D.S.


Dear Dr. Kang and team, my two week intensive training has provided me with the knowledge and tools that has taken my back health to another level.  I leave my therapy here today with great confidence, and excitement about my future.  With appreciation and gratitude.

~ P.S.


I  have learned a lot about my spine and its reaction to different exercises and postures.  The given exercises are very logical and practical.  You can do them anywhere anytime.  Dr. Kang loves his job and he is very patient and open to all questions.

~ D.B.



Thanks to Dr. Kang, Beverly, and Rain I have learned so much about my scoliosis and I am more aware of how to manage my scoliosis and use my corrective posture.  I got more out of the experience than I thought I would and I am able to continue treating my back through the exercises I learned.

~ A.V.



I found it quite nice.  It's a friendly and down to earth environment. So it is a good environment and it really does help!

~ S.M.



Incredible and supportive staff that walk you through the exercises and explain your scoliosis very well. 

~ K.T.



Dr. Kang and his staff at the Scoliosis Center are great.  They are very welcoming and wonderful to work with.  I feel confident I've learned what I need to do to properly manage my scoliosis.

~ K.C.



I am so happy I found Dr. Kang, Rain & Beverly and this program.  Equipped with information about my scoliosis and the exercises to help control it as I age, I am definitely more empowered.

~ M.L.


I liked the structure of the program and that you always knew what you were doing.  Having everything explained to you and having a physiotherapist always there to help if needed and correct is very good.  

~ C.J.



Effective treatment and friendly staff.  Vastly preferred over invasive surgical treatments, although it requires that you take responsibility for yourself as well.  Treatment is personalized so it can work better with your schedule.

~ R.J.


My experience at the center was amazing at the end of the second week.  I could see that my posture has gotten much beter! And that the exercises helped.  Overall, I feel much better.

~ H.M.



I learned so much about scoliosis and how to manage it.  I think I have made positive progress and will continue to do the exercises I have been given to try and improve further.  Very helpful and caring team.

~ P.Y.



Caitlin was diagnosed with a mild (16 degree) lumbar scoliosis and six months later her curve was more than 30 degrees.  We felt helpless waiting for the Children's Hospital to see her.  Dr Kang and his wonderful staff helped Caitlin and after a few weeks of treatment we could already see an improvement.  They gave her and us knowledge and insight on how to deal with her scoliosis which, as a parent, I will be forever grateful for.

~ J.G.


Thank you card from a patient.....


Dr Jacob, Beverly, and Rain

 Your kindess, caring, and professionalism is what made my treatments go so well.  That's what made me push myself.  Don't worry, I will continue to do so.  I will miss all of you and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

~ C.M.



I travelled from Bermuda for a 2 week intensive treatment for my scoliosis.  During the 2 weeks I was given 100% attention constantly for many hours and total dedication by Dr. Kang and his lovely staff.  I felt at home every day at the clinic.  It was a totally enriching experience.  A reduction in my curve was seen after the 2 weeks.  I also received many exercises to take home and continue my therapy in order to continue my recovery.  The exercises were clearly explained and it was a really enjoyable experience with the friendly service and kind attention.  I recommend this to anyone.  I got much more out of it than I expected.

~ S.H.



Thank you for your endless support, encouragement and passion for helping others!  These 20 treatments have been amazing.  I did not only learn a lot about my scoliosis condition, what I can do to keep it from progressing, and also a new lifestyle.  You're very patient with teaching your 'patients' and I really appreciate what you do!  You love what you do and it truly shows! Take Care!

~ G.H.



Thank you card from a patient.....


Dear Dr. Kang, Beverly and Rain,


Thank you again for your support over the past four months! You're an extraordinary team and I learned so much from you.  I haven't felt this good about my back and scoliosis in years.  I am forever grateful for your knowledge and help.  Thank you!!

~ K.K.



Hi Dr. Kang,


I wanted to just let you know on the progress regarding our daughter.  She was scheduled for surgery on January 2016 based on her October 2014 x-rays which showed that she had a 74 degree curvature.  We went for our follow-up appointment earlier this week and her curvature has decreased to 60 degrees and now no longer will require surgery!  I can't even begin to tell you how elated I am with the news.   Thank you for all your help.

~ M.M.


Thank you card from a patient.....


Dear Dr. Kang,


Thanks for your patience.  Thank you for your professional guidance and opinions in this very painful, life changing, exhausting, depressing and tiring situation. 

Yours in kindness and gratitude.

~ W.P.



...The surgeon at the Hospital in the western Canada told us that my daughter's scoliosis has rapidly progressed but she was not ready for surgery yet.  When I asked about alternative treatments, he told me in front of my daughter that nothing can help.  I can just waste my money on physiotherapy, chiropractic, or yoga but nothing will help.  You could imagine how this affected my daughter mentally.


Another six months pass and on our next appointment, we are told that the scoliosis has progressed again, and she is almost near surgery, so we were offered a brace to help slow down the progression.  I was devastated.  What got us to Dr. Kang were three things: Whenever I asked something he gave us a straight forward answer.  He definitely knew what he was talking about.  When I asked him if I can talk to some of his patients, he passed my request to them and within the first 24 hours, four of them contacted me and answered all my questions.  They all had good things to say about Dr. Kang.  Lastly, the costs of everything combined were considerably less in Toronto compared to similar centers elsewhere. 


While my daughter was receiving intensive treatment, I was sitting in the waiting room and talking to other parents.  Most of them had similar stories and some were adult patients who also reported incredible improvements and pain relief.  One of the memorable stories is from a woman who walked in one day for a treatment.  She claimed she had slow progressing scoliosis since a young age.  Every 6 months the surgeon will reinforce in her mind 'one day you will need surgery'.  Sure enough, 20 years later, that day came and her operation was booked 6 months down the road.  By that time she was in considerable pain. However, after her scolioisis care, her pain subsided and she felt straighter and stronger, and she cancelled her impending scoliosis surgery.


Thanks to Dr. Kang's treatment, my daughter does not need surgery any more.  Her posture has improved and her scoliosis is stabilized.  Yes, she still needs to do her prescribed home rehab and exercises, but she can go to the beach in her bikini.


Thank you so much for your work!

~ Ivana



As a chiropractor of 20 years, you could imagine my surprise when I discovered that my then 11 year old daughter was developing a severe scoliosis that developed despite the fact that she was receiving regular spinal check ups and chiropractic treatments when necessary.  After xrays, MRIs and 4 Orthopaedic consults, it was communicated to us that she would need surgery due to the aggressive nature of her curve and that surgery was really her only option since she was too severe for bracing to work.  It wasn't a matter of if, it was a matter of when.  I was devastated and felt helpless but I was determined to find other options for her before ultimately considering surgery.  I immediately hit the internet to find someone that specialized in non-surgical treatment of scoliosis, particulary with the CLEAR Method and/or the Schroth Method.  I found Dr. Kang who, I believe, is the only practitioner in Canada certified in both methods.  Dr. Kang's expertise in the field of scoliosis is phenomenal.  With his help, my daughter's curve has improved, so much that they are now NOT recommending surgery for her!  The key to success is early intervention.  My only regret is that I didn't find Dr. Kang earlier and that we started her treatment with 59 degree curve.  It is currently at 45 degrees and steadily decreasing.  I would recommend that anyone with scoliosis, at the least, be assessed by Dr. Kang prior to receiving surgery or any other conservative treatment.

~ Sandra Lee, Chiropractor



We were so thankful to find the Toronto Scoliosis Center and the help of Dr. Kang.  The only option we had in our province was surgery and we did not want to go that route.  Our two girls ages 13 and 14 went to Dr. Kang's office and were given a three week intensive program which helped to reduce their curves.  They were given scoliosis specific exercises that strengthened their core muscles and were taught the proper posture for sitting and standing with their particular curve.  The oldest reduced her cobb angle further through the scoliosis exercise regimen at home.  They now look almost straight when standing even with a curve and have more confidence in how to deal with this condition, and their curves have not progressed since getting the treatment.

~ T.S.


From my first appointment with Dr. Kang I was very impressed with his passion for helping his patients and his extensive knowledge regarding treatments for those suffering with scoliosis pain.  For years I lived with a lot of pain because of my scoliosis, but after only a few sessions with Dr. Kang I felt more energy through the day and my pain level had significantly been reduced.  The exercises are customized for each patient's needs, which is incredibly helpful and he takes the time to bring awareness to each individual about the way their curve is positioned and how to manage everyday activities in a way that improves daily life.  I am extremely happy with the results I have seen so far on my posture, my pain reduction and my overall quality of life and without Dr. Kang's treatments I would still be suffering from pain everyday.  I can't thank you enough Dr. Kang for changing my life!  Coming to see you was one of the best decisions I ever made!

~ D.Y.



Email from a patient.....


Dear Dr. Jacob,


Thanks for all the help you and Beverly gave me.  I will always remember your kindness, dedication, and professionalism.

~ M.A.


After three months of scoliosis care, my cardiologist discovered that my lung capacity had increased by 10%. The exercises I have been doing through Leaside Family Chiropractic and Scoliosis Center helped make that happen.

~ F.A.


Thank you card from a patient.....


Dr. Kang, I want to thank you for all of the help and support you have given me in regards to my scoliosis.  You have been the only person to offer me any real support or knowledge concerning my back, and I truly appreciate it......I often feel extremely helpless and frustrated with this situation, but you have made me feel hopeful and determined again.  I am so very thankful for your help and advice and I am grateful to now have some knowledge of things that could help me.  I look forward to returning for another session again soon!  Sincere Thanks. 

~ M.B



We visited the Leaside Family Chiropractic and Scoliosis Center after having been told that our son needed surgery within the year.  He had compression of two vertebrae and curvature of the spine, little movement in his neck and was walking lopsided.  A year on, the same surgeon has had to admit that he does not need surgery now and the position has stabilized with great flexibility in his back and neck.  The surgeon had been originally very scathing about chiropractic work.  Key has been the visits to the clinic and it's very important that the home exercises are done everyday.  Thank you Dr. Kang and everyone at Leaside Family Chiropractic and Scoliosis Center.  ~ M.P.



I used to get tired in the lower back from standing or sitting for prolonged periods of time and I would need to lie down.  After coming to Leaside Chiropractic, I've noticed that I don't have this issue anymore.  I also feel more relaxed in general - my muscles aren't so tense and worked up.

~ C.L.

I am 14 year old girl and a Competitive Figure Skater.  I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 12.  I have an "S" curve.  I was told I needed to have a rod in my back from one hospital and another hospital told me to come back in a year.   My parents found Clear Institute in the US and we have gone twice for treatments, but now Dr. Kang has started his practice here in Toronto, and he does Clear Method as well as the Schroth Method which is fun and easy to do.  I get to be a teenager with no brace or rod to slow me down, no pain and the best part is I can still go Figure Skating and Compete!  ~ Colleen


When our now 14 year old daughter was diagnosed with Scoliosis, we were devastated.  The orthopaedic surgeon recommended surgery.  My husband and I asked if there was an alternative treatment and the answer was NO.  In the summer of 2009 and 2010 we visited a Clear Institute in the US and we were very happy with her results.  This year we were very happy to find Dr. Kang in Toronto.  She has had Clear and Schroth treatments and has been able to continue the home treatment.  Dr. Kang is very professional, honest, and listens to our daughter's goals in the sport of competitive figure skating and what she wants to achieve in the near future.  Thank you Dr. Kang for helping her achieve her goals.  If you or your child has been diagnosed with scoliosis, never "watch and wait", and if you are concerned with the option of surgery then visit Dr. Kang first.  ~ Mr. and Mrs. Collins

I was constantly worried about my daughter's progressing scoliosis until I discovered Dr. Kang's Center.  I can now stop worrying about my daughter's scoliosis and its possible detrimental health effects because she's in capable hands.  The treatment has provided my fifteen year old daughter with visible postural and scoliotic improvement that no other practitioner could provide us with.  My daughter's rapidly progressing scoliotic curve improved from 20 degrees to 9 degrees over the course of the care.  The clinic is friendly and warm and the treatment is very effective, professional, unique and gives great results.  We would like to thank Dr. Kang and his assistant Joscelyn for their effective and positive treatment as well as for their warmth and attention.   ~  Larisa S.

 As a woman in my early forties, I was seeking treatment for my scoliosis as a defence against the forces of nature in aging. Within days of being treated by Dr. Kang, there was a noticeable improvement in my posture and a conscious awareness of my unique curves and how to carry myself as I went about my day. In exploring the Schroth Method, I learned valuable exercises that will carry me for the rest of my life in helping me continue to maintain a stronger and more positive approach to managing my condition. I want to Thank Dr. Kang for being a great teacher and bringing his expertise to Toronto. ~ Amy