Sign up for an information packed scoliosis presentation on Saturday 14th of September at 2:00PM presented by a doctor experienced in all the leading conservative scoliosis treatments available today. Get the latest on all the different methods of conservative scoliosis treatments and different types of braces.  Learn why not all braces are equally effective.  The doctor has experience in the soft flexible and different rigid braces and knows which brace is optimal for each patient.  You will learn the effectiveness and limitations of different treatment methods and understand why every scoliosis case is unique and may require different approaches.  Scoliosis treatments for children, teens, and adults will be covered. Learn why wearing the brace alone may not be enough for stabilizing progressive scoliosis.  If you are confused by all the conflicting information on the internet, this presentation will clarify everything.  We highly encourage family physicians, pediatricians, chiropractors, nurses, other health practitioners, and people who work with children and teens to also attend.   You will attain a greater understanding of scoliosis and learn how to detect scoliosis.  If you or your child have scoliosis, the most damaging thing you can do....... is nothing.  Even if your family physician, pediatrician, or scoliosis surgeon tells you to watch and wait, get informed.  Now is the time to stop scoliosis progression.  Before you embark on any treatment, it is best to make an informed decision.  You only have one chance to get it right and the window for significant change may be closing!  Don't forget to call and sign up!  

The presentation will be held at our clinic.  Meter parking in front of the clinic and free parking on the side streets.