The First Accredited Center In Canada To Offer The Seas Approach To Scoliosis Management

SEAS stands for Scientific Exercise Approach to Scoliosis. The SEAS approach has been developed by ISICO (Italian Scientific Spine Institute / Istituto Scientifico Italiano Colonna Vertebrale) and is evidence based approach to spinal deformities. The principles of SEAS are based on a specific form of auto-correction (active self-correction) that is learned and associated with stabilizing exercises that include neuromotor control, proprioceptive training and balance. The exercises are also incorporated into daily living activities.

Exercise treatment is the key to a good rehabilitation approach to scoliosis. The aim with SEAS exercises is to avoid or at least postpone bracing, and to arrive at the end of growth with a presumably stable curvature. When a brace has already been prescribed, exercises are MANDATORY in order to avoid all side effects of bracing, to increase its function, and to allow the spine to be stable during the weaning period and when the brace is abandoned.

In the child it is fundamental, because vertebral pathologies such as scoliosis, once established, are unlikely to be totally resolved. Furthermore, early treatment is a prevention of the more complex conditions found in adulthood. The adults can also benefit greatly from the treatment to make some corrections in their scoliosis and to prevent further complications associated with their scoliosis or posture.